APISigning.com Terms of Use

This website, service, and any services performed are not related to or endorsed by Amazon.com in any way.


No guarantees of any kind are associated with the API signing service. We make every attempt to ensure that the service is available, but there may be circumstances beyond our control that cause problems.


Your email address will be used only in communication about this service. It will not be distrubted for any other means. By submitting your AWS Access Key and Secret key, you give us permission to store those for use in signing your requests. Every attempt is made to keep your credentials confidential.

Quota limitiations

The free account is limited to 30,000 requests per calendar month. If it looks like your account might exceed this limit, we will let you know before taking any action. In general, we'll give you the opportunity to upgrade to a paid account


To cancel your account, please fill out the contact form and ask for your account to be removed

Limitiation of liability

Under no circumstances will APISigning.com or RoundSphere, LLC be held responsible for anything, including, but not limitted to loss of revenue.

Acceptance of these terms

By submitting your Access Key and Secret Key, you are hereby agreeing to these terms of service

Changes in Terms

These terms of servicie may be modified at any time for any reason