SOAP Signing Details

The SOAP signing service is a bit more difficult to implement and use than the REST Service. If you have a choice, we recommend using the REST service.

WSDL Locations

A mirror of the Amazon WSDLs can be used by just replacing the amazon hostname with ''. Example:

This WSDL just replaces the location with one pointing to "'. SOAP requests attempt to use the same namespace, and WSDL that your SOAP request uses.

Note that the free signing service doesn't have an SSL certificate available (Paid accounts do have an SSL Cert available), so this WSDL changes the 'https' to just 'http'. Communication between your server and is not encrypted. The request from to Amazon IS encrypted. If you require encryption, you must sign up for a paid account and then can use the service over SSL.

SOAP Pricing

For SOAP requests, the signing service actually has to proxy the request because there isn't a widely accepted way to calculate the signature and perform a redirect. This results in significantly higher bandwidth usage. Each SOAP request counts as 5 REST requests. Pricing is thus:

  • Up to 6k requests/month: FREE
  • Up to 12k requests/month: $6.00/month
  • Up to 20k requests/month: $10.00/month
  • Up to 40k requests/month: $18.00/month
  • Up to 60k requests/month: $25.00/month
  • Up to 100k requests/month: $35.00/month
  • Up to 200k requests/month: $50.00/month
  • Up to 500k requests/month: $100.00/month

Not Quite what you need?

Visit our Custom Services Page if you have some special needs that these don't quite cover. We can likely accomadate whatever you might need