API Signing Service

Our API Signing service will calculate the API Signatures for you. There are several situations where this is desirable:

  • Your application is written entirely in JavaScript and you can't expose your secret key
    (ie: Widgets, Browser toolbars and addons, etc)
  • Your server software or programming language doesn't have the required functions to compute the signature
    (or doing so may degrade perforance)
  • You need it implemented quickly

Implementation couldn't be simpler!
The signing service is intended as a very simple drop-in replacement for your current Amazon API calls. Once your account is set up, simply change the hostname in your code to point to our server and your requests will go through without any further changes to your code.

Sample REST Usage

Most customers use the Amazon REST API's. Your application might create an API Request like this:

After signing up for the free service, you would change the hostname '' to '' so that your API URL looks like this:    (This key has been disabled due to abuse, but you should get the idea)

Note that only the hostname has changed. The remaining parameters are left unchanged. Notice that when clicking the second URL, it will calculate the signature and automatically redirect the browser to the destination page directly at Amazon. The only change to your code that is required is a very simple change to that hostname

Free Account

A free account allows up to 30,000 requests per month (average of 1,000 requests/day). If your application exceeds that, we'd ask that you upgrade to a paid account which provides better performance anyway. Sign up for a free account on the Sign Up page

Usage Details

For specific information on usage and options, see the appropriate details page: